Private Island Tour

Private Island Tour

Output Onlinepngtools - Utopia Luxury Suites And Apartments RhodesOur Rhodes private island tour will keep you charmed all day thanks to its different parts: road, sea, forests and mountains, with free time in between. Our fully licensed, in accordance with the Greek law, driver is going to take you safely to the most popular places of Rhodes Island. Also, he is going to give you the related needed tips to help you explore every attraction you visit. You can choose between a 9-seat minivan or 14-minibus, with or without an official guide.





1st stopFilerimos Monastery

Once everybody has been picked up by our minibus our Rhodes private island tour proceeds to the first stop where we can enjoy the views that this area offers as we drive on the Filerimos Hill. In the antiquity, at the top of the hill once stood the acropolis of the Ancient Ialysos. Nevertheless, the hill took its name from a monk who came from Jerusalem in the 13th century. In the 14th century the knights of St John who were ruling the island built the monastery which is visited in nowadays. Also, opposite of the Monastery entrance there is a pathway that leads to the westernmost point of the hill where the 16 m or 48 feet cross is present. Across the path, there are icons with representations of the passions of Christ. At the end of the path, you can admire the panoramic view the point offers. Read more about Filerimos Hill… | Duration: 30 minutes

2nd stopButterfly Valley

Then we drive at Butterfly Valley where you can notice a rare habitat that hosts the butterfly Panaxia Quadripunctaria, which makes its appearance in this unique natural park in the period from mid-June to late September. Some of these butterflies are very rare species and are found in very few places around the world. We make sure that we arrive early so we can see the valley when it’s quiet and peaceful before other tour groups get there. The valley consists of pine-clads, crossed by a stream, shady paths, forming ponds, wooden bridges and small waterfalls in its course. | Duration: 30 minutes

3rd stopCampochiaro

We continue to the ‘’ghost’’ village of Aghia Eleousa in the green forest of Profitis Ilias mountain. In the period around the World War II, when Rhodes was still Italian, the village created for Italians lumberjacks who had moved here for the needs of the army. Later, when the Italians left, it was a sanatorium for the chronically ill. However, since the 70s the sanatorium has been closed and nowadays, at the main square, opposite the main church of Agia Eleousa, you can see this abandoned building. | Duration: 15 minutes

4th stopAgios Nikolaos Fountoukli

2 km further appears in front of us the small chapel of St Nikolas Fountoukli. You can refresh yourselves by drinking water of one of the cleanest and rich natural water sources of the island which is right in the front of the chapel and after you can visit the internal of the church, light a candle and notice the painted of St Nikolas family picture on the wall. We continue driving in the green forest of Prof. Ilias mountain to Apollona and we stop to the other side of the mountain where the village of Apollona is. Optionally, you can taste local foods and products in a traditional family tavern away of busy tourist places.| Duration: 1 hour & 30 minutes

5th stopMonolithos Castle

Then, we drive to the south-west side of the island, to the medieval Castle of Monolithos. The castle was built in 1480 by the Knights of Saint John to protect the island from attacks and nowdays offers great views of the sea and the two islets opposite to it. Inside the walls, there is a small chapel dedicated to Saint Pantaleon (Agios Panteleimon). 35 minutes

6th stopSianna Village

5km on the way to the east coast we find the honey-village of Sianna which is a hilly village built in the banks of Attaviros. It is a traditional village with beautiful houses and the high attitude give picturesque landscapes. Distinguishes for the developed apiculture. Its pure honey is considered the best in the island. You can have the chance to try it!!! | Duration: 15 minutes

6th stopVillage of Lindos

We drive to the east coast and on our way back we pass on the village of Lindos. Possibly, you have already been there as Lindos is the third most popular archaeological site in Greece. We stop for photos to the right opposite the village viewpoint and drive back to your hotels | Duration: 5 minutes

By the end of our Rhodes private island tour you will be full of nice memories and flashing photographs.


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