Private Tour in Lindos

Private Tour in Lindos

Output Onlinepngtools - Utopia Luxury Suites And Apartments RhodesLindos, you must visit! Our Private Tour in Lindos is the ideal day trip where you can experience three of the most beautiful attractions of Rhodes island.

The very green valley of Theologos where every summer makes its appearance a rare species of butterflies. The small paradise of Seven Springs with its dark tunnel and the man made waterfalls. As well as the stunning village of Lindos where you can admire the traditional white houses, wander the cobbled streets and enjoy the fantastic view out over the enticing St Paul’s Bay from the Acropolis.




StopValley Of The Butterflies

After picking you up, we drive about 30 minutes and stop to the Valley of the Butterflies. In this habitat a rare species of butterflies makes its appearance from June to September. You can follow the path along the stream which crosses the valley and observe them as well as some other kind of rare animal species. Read more about Butterfly Valley Rhodes | Duration: 1 Hour

StopSeven Springs

Next, we drive 30 minutes to the east and stop for a cup of coffee or tea to Seven Springs. Another place of natural beauty, where the seven natural springs create a impressive scenery. In the surroundings, there are several species of birds. You ll love the walk through the dark narrow stream tunnel down to the lagoon and the waterfall. Not one for those scared of the dark or confined spaces but be brave! | Duration: 1 Hour


Next stop is the village of Lindos where you can spend the rest of the day. Experience the small, historic village which perched between the foot of a mountain and the crystal blue sea. Admire the acropolis and the picturesque white houses, wander the cobbled streets and explore the sandy beach. Climb up to this archeological goldmine, and enjoy fantastic views out over the enticing St Paul’s Bay below. A last stop at Lindos viewpoint for photos and drive back to your hotel. Read more about things to do in Lindos. | Duration: 4 Hours


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