Wine Tasting tour

Wine Tasting tour

JoOutput Onlinepngtools - Utopia Luxury Suites And Apartments Rhodesin our winetasting tour in Rhodes island and combine it with a romantic sunset in Monolithos. Sunsets are with no doubt romantic by themselves, but you can also see them as an adventure. How the colors seen in the sky are  yellow to orange red and how this  sun will remain memorable for ever!




1st stopWine Tasting in Ebonas Winecellar

The village of Embonas is located 54 km from Rhodes town halfway up the mountain of Attavyros. It s a pleasant picturesque village surrounded by vineyards. Very popular for a unique grape variety which thrives around it and whose culture dates back to antiquity. It is considered as the centre of the local wine industry and that is why is the ideal place for winetasting tour in Rhodes island. | Duration: 2 Hours

2nd stopSianna Village

On our way to Monolithos we meet the small village of Sianna which is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mount Akramitis. It distinguishes for its souma production and the developed apiculture. Its pure honey is considered the best on the island. You can have the chance to taste it!

3rd stopRomantic Sunset in Monolithos Castle

Final destination the castle of Monolithos where you can watch its magnificent sunset by the most impressive location of the island. The castle perched on a huge monolithic rock crag in the south-west side of the island and overlooking the sea from a height of 240m giving us an incredible view. Get ready for a romantic breakout which is going to last longer in your memory forever. Undoubtedly, the most romantic thing to do in Rhodes island! | Duration: 2 Hours


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